Coal + Ice - ITP Solution Zone
Tue Jan 01, 1019 · 284 words

In the summer of 2018, I was a part of a team from ITP that designed a major section at a 3 week pop-up museum at Fort-Mason, San-Francisco, called COAL+ICE - A major climate-change event lead by the Magnum foundation and Asia Society.
My collaborators and I designed and built installations and exhibits covering the latest sustainability solutions.

The Solution Space was conceived as a new collaboration within the Coal and Ice documentary photography exhibit. During four months the creative team worked in New York City in designing the interactive exhibits that would bring it to life

The goal was to contrast the dark, immersive, consequence-oriented space of Coal and Ice with a bright, optimistic, and reflective space to learn about ongoing efforts and possibilities of transforming the human behaviour that has led to the natural and social catastrophe characteristic of our century. Inspired by techniques and technologies that are currently available in various levels (from early studies to full market products). This space aims to communicate the need and plausibility of a new mindset of progress and innovation.

The designers of the space researched the most promising proposals to combat climate change, talking to policy experts, scientists, and leaders from the non-profit and public sectors. The top priority became communicating the massive efforts at all levels of society that should give us reason to be hopeful about the future. Some of the potential solutions and proposals were important but dry, while others were exciting but improbable.

My collaborator, Isabella Vento, and I designed “Channeling Waste” -
an interactive, projection-mapping installation using Isadora and Arduino.
 The users would trigger the projections by “flushing” the main barrel and explore the different applications of sewer treatment.

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