In Orbit
Tue Jan 01, 1019 · 194 words

a collaboration with Isabella Vento

This immersive projection-mapping piece was a final project for a class called “Nothing - creating illusions”. It was presented at ITP Spring Show 2018.

A space vessel is bound to the gravitational strings of a dying planet. The ship’s log reveals the final thoughts of the last survivor on board.

The piece is a 3 minutes video installation, in which the viewer steps into the flight deck of an orbiting vessel. Through the cockpit-windows, you can see the deterioration of a planet, which this vessel is orbiting on the wings of inertia.

On the monitors bellow, you see the captain’s log entries while the outside scene takes place.

In the log, it seems that the captain is referring to his long lost love he left behind.

In the end, with no oxygen left, he decides to fly in a collision course with the planet, thus accepting both of their fates.

In this piece we tried to conjure the feeling of spectating a planet deteriorate and die.

A gloomy vision of the death of our home planet, and the tragic fate we’ll all share when it would come to this.

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